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for life's not a paragraph

(and death i think is no parenthesis)

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The most elaborate labyrinth may be found in the straightest of lines.

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abstract thinking, absurdism, accents, acting, america's next top model, amsterdam, animals, anti-censorship, art, beauty, beethoven, being a woman, black and white, black turtleneck sweaters, blindfolds, blogging, body love, bohemian, books, boom chicago, burlesque, cheese, chopin, chuck palahniuk, cigarettes, classical music, coffee, comedy, comics, concerts, corsets, curvygirls, death, decadence, dictionaries, donnie darko, douglas adams, drama, drawing, dreams, eddie izzard, egon schiele, existentialism, eyeliner, eyes, female bodies, fight club, films, freedom of speech, frida kahlo, friends, ghost world, girl interrupted, grammar, guitars, hair dye, individuality, infinity, intelligent conversation, interior design, internet, jack daniels, jellybabies, jonathan safran foer, kissing, languages, leather, leonardo da vinci, liberalism, lilith, literature, london, lost, love, lurgid bee, makeup, margaret atwood, melancholy, modernism, moulin rouge, music, my room, mythology, night, nudes, open minded people, pacifism, performing, perfume, phenomenology, philosophy, photography, physics, piano, picking scabs, pink floyd, poetry, post-modernism, pro choice, psychology, purple, quentin tarantino, rain, reading, red, regina spektor, ross noble, rufus wainwright, salvador dali, samuel beckett, sarcasm, sex, shakespeare, shopping, singing, sleeping, songwriting, stand-up comedy, stanley kubrick, starbucks, stars, stephen fry, surrealism, tattoos, tea, tefl, the aristocrats joke, the beatles, the doors, the english language, the sims 2, theatre, thrift stores, thunder storms, tim burton, tori amos, traveling, ts eliot, tyler durden, university, vincent van gogh, vintage, wit, writing, yeats,


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